Broomhill Infant Inclusion Group

Working together to ensure children with additional needs thrive at Broomhill Infant School

What do we want to do?

  • provide informal support and encouragement to parents of children with additional support needs, their families and to those who work with them
  • work productively and collaboratively with school and outside agencies to ensure positive, inclusive practice is at the heart of school life
  • have happy, successful children – bursting with self-esteem!

How will we do this?

  • regular informal support meetings for parents and families
  • termly meetings with SENCO/Head/Governors/Stakeholders/Specialists
  • celebrate successes and feedback good practice

…and a Biig hello!

Biig is a new initiative at Broomhill Infant School which has been set up by parents in school to offer informal support to families of children with additional support needs.

As parents of children with additional needs we know that getting the right support can sometimes feel very complicated, and sometimes even a little isolating. So we thought we would set up a small & friendly informal group for parents and carers which aims to provide mutual support, as well as a place to share useful information. Anyone is welcome to attend.

We meet every so often after drop off for tea & coffee and occasionally in the evenings. 

Please also feel free just to grab Jane, Jacob’s mum (Blue Base) if you want a chat or more information (or email on

Many thanks for your time and best wishes for a great year at Broomhill Infant School!

Best wishes

Jane Carr (Jacob Grant's Mum)