Music is integral to the life of a Broomhill child. Through our wide-ranging yet focused learning enquiries, and music exposure, we provide a vibrant musical experience for all children, which enables them to learn and build on crucial skills and key musical understanding. Every child from Reception to Year 2 takes part in a musical performance to parents every year. Music is essential to the delivery of Core values. Music provides a vehicle for offering children opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings through listening and appraising music, as well creating their own, together and independently, thus contributing to their wellbeing. Children will develop their teamwork skills throughout composing, rehearsing and performing as part of an ensemble. Children’s creativity develops through meaningful outcomes so that they learn to compose within a clear context and perform with an ever-increasing musical fluency.

Musical concerts and shows will inspire the children to collaborate respectfully to produce performances. Within this, children will also grow an awareness of how music is culturally significant, and how the history of music directly and indirectly affects our lives and society as a whole. Our overall aim is for each child to develop as a musician through having a secure understanding of the inter-related dimensions of music and to challenge themselves to create their own, implementing resources, such as instruments; through embracing this with open ears, children will therefore grow as individuals, embracing independence with increasing confidence.