Pupil Premium

Nature of Support

Pupil Premium funding is an allocation of additional funding provided to schools to support children eligible for free school meals and children who are vulnerable to underachievement.
In order to raise the attainment of pupils eligible for pupil premium funding we as a school ensure that;

  • All staff are aware of children who are vulnerable
  • Progress of this group of children is rigorously monitored at termly pupil progress meetings
  • Appropriate provision is put in place to support children to make progress
  • Parents and Carers are provided with progress information and share in their child’s learning

To support this group of vulnerable children the school has used its allocation of pupil premium funding in the following ways:

  • To ensure the highest quality of teaching
  • To effectively deploy teaching assistants to support children in class and also to deliver interventions to boost learning
  • Provide additional teaching groups and in class support targeted to support individuals and groups
  • Purchase a range of additional resources to support learning
  • Ensure children participate in a number of activities that are additional to the curriculum including music lessons and sports sessions.