We are committed to ensuring our children become fluent and enthusiastic readers.

Our curriculum will:

  • Give children the phonic skills they need to decode new words.
  • Develop a fluent reading style.
  • Show comprehension when reading.

Develop a genuine love of books and reading.


  • We follow Little Wandle for our phonics teaching.
  • Phonics is taught daily in all bases.
  • Phonics lessons follow the ‘four part’ structure.
  • Children are taught in their classes.
  • ‘Keep up’ and catch up’ sessions are provided for those children in need of extra support who are not making expected progress.
  • Children will read at least once a week (building to three times per week) either individually or in a guided reading group.
  • Children will learn to read with expression (prosody) during reading practise.
  • Children take home two reading books. One is phonetically decodable, the other is a ‘share at home’ book to encourage reading for pleasure.
  • We use Little Wandle assessment tools to ensure progress is being made at an appropriate pace.
  • Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress through their reading records, parents evenings and an annual report.
  • Each class has attractive reading corner which invites the children to read and enjoy books together.
  • Each class has story every day at 2.30. On Friday we have a Reading Assembly at the end of the day in our class bubbles.
  • We have a focus author every half term to help the children build a knowledge of significant children’s writers and their books.
  • Extreme Reading and Mystery Reader competitions are held each year.

World Book Day is celebrated across the school.


The intended impact is:

  • Children will use phonics as their key reading strategy.
  • Children will read texts at the appropriate level with fluency and confidence.
  • Children will have a love of reading and books.

They will be able to name significant children’s authors and some of their books.