Sun read by Mrs Hutt

Mr Bingle's Apple Pie read by Miss Woodruff 18/6/20

Rain read by Mrs Hutt 15/6/20

Superworm read by Mrs Downham 13/6/20

Dear Zoo read by Mrs Turton 11/6/20

The Snail and the Whale read by Mr Lenagh 10/6/20

Friends read by Mrs Kirby 9/6/20

Frog and Toad Togrther read by Mrs Hutt 6/6/20

Dogger read by Mrs Jones 5/6/20

The Three Little Superpigs read by Mrs Sharkey 4/6/20

Five Minutes' Peace read by Ms Middleton-Lund 3/6/20

Chatterbox Bear read by Miss Woodruff 02/06/20

Madeline read by Mrs Kirby 1/6/20

Over in the Meadow read by Mrs Hutt 30/5/20

Eat Your Peas read by Mrs Turton 29/5/20

Home Before Dark read by Mrs Hawley 28/5/20

Some Dogs Do read by Mrs Dale 26/5/20

The Great Balloon Hullaballoo read by Mrs Sharkey 24/5/20

Under the Love Umbrella read by Mrs Hutt 23/5/20

More Pants read by Ms Logan 22/5/20

Supertato, Run Veggies, Run read by Mrs Downham 20/5/20

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch read by Mrs Kirby 19/5/20

The Very Cranky Bear read by Ms Ball 18/5/20

If I Had a Dinosaur read by Mrs Sharkey 16/5/20

Simon Sock read by Mrs Hutt 14/5/20

The Very Hungry Caterpllar read by Miss Twigg 13/5/20

But Martin read by Ms Logan 12/5/20

Oliver's Vegetables read by Mrs Jones 11/05/20

Supertato read by Mrs downham 10/5/20

Ketchup on Your Cornflakes read by Mrs Hawley 7/5/20

Shark in the Park read by Mrs Sharkey 6/5/20

Once Upon A Time When I Was A Rabbit and There Was Nothing I Couldn't Do read by Miss Jones 05/05/20

Frog and Toad are Friends read my mrs Hutt 4/5/20

There are Cats in this Book read by Miss Shirley 02/05/20

This is the Bear and the Scary Night read by Mrs Smith 30/4/20

Lily and Bear read by Ms Middleton-Lund 29/04/20

The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water read by Mrs Kirby 27/04/20

Pants read by Ms Logan 26/04/20

A Piece of Cake read by Mrs Marsh 24/04/20

The Very Lazy Ladybird read by Mrs Turton 22/04/20

Sir Scallywag and the Battle of Stinky Bottom read by Miss Jones 21/04/20

The Fox and the Star read by Mrs Downham 20/04/20

The Terrible Plop read by Miss Woodrruff 19/4/20

You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus read by Mrs sharkey 18/4/20

Aliens Love Underpants read by Mr Lenagh 17/4/20

Peace at Last read by Mrs Kirby 15/4/20

Oi Frog read by Mrs Jones 13/4/20

One Bear at Bedtime read by Mrs Timbers 11/4/20

The Girl who Loved Wellies read by Mrs Hutt 9/4/20

The Very Busy Spider read by Mrs Hawley 6/4/20