****Urgent Information re School opening 29/5/20***

Dear Parent/ Carer,

We have received, this morning, advice from Greg Fell, the Director of Public Health Office and Sheffield City Council and have been told that schools should not open until 15th June at the earliest. As we put the safety of your children first at Broomhill we will be following this advice and will not consider reopening more widely until the week commencing 15th June.

We will continue to offer provision to vulnerable children and those of key workers.If you have a child in FS2 or Year 1 and would like to access this provision please contact the school as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience and confusion caused by the mixed messages we have all been given. We hope you will be able to continue supporting us as we move forward in these difficult times. 

Kindest regards

Mrs Timbers

The Three Little Superpigs read by Mrs Sharkey 4/6/20

Five Minutes' Peace read by Ms Middleton-Lund 3/6/20

Chatterbox Bear read by Miss Woodruff 02/06/20

Madeline read by Mrs Kirby 1/6/20

Over in the Meadow read by Mrs Hutt 30/5/20

Eat Your Peas read by Mrs Turton 29/5/20

Home Before Dark read by Mrs Hawley 28/5/20

Some Dogs Do read by Mrs Dale 26/5/20

The Great Balloon Hullaballoo read by Mrs Sharkey 24/5/20

Under the Love Umbrella read by Mrs Hutt 23/5/20

More Pants read by Ms Logan 22/5/20

Supertato, Run Veggies, Run read by Mrs Downham 20/5/20

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch read by Mrs Kirby 19/5/20

The Very Cranky Bear read by Ms Ball 18/5/20

If I Had a Dinosaur read by Mrs Sharkey 16/5/20

Simon Sock read by Mrs Hutt 14/5/20

The Very Hungry Caterpllar read by Miss Twigg 13/5/20

But Martin read by Ms Logan 12/5/20

Oliver's Vegetables read by Mrs Jones 11/05/20

Supertato read by Mrs downham 10/5/20

Ketchup on Your Cornflakes read by Mrs Hawley 7/5/20

Shark in the Park read by Mrs Sharkey 6/5/20

Once Upon A Time When I Was A Rabbit and There Was Nothing I Couldn't Do read by Miss Jones 05/05/20

Frog and Toad are Friends read my mrs Hutt 4/5/20

There are Cats in this Book read by Miss Shirley 02/05/20

This is the Bear and the Scary Night read by Mrs Smith 30/4/20

Lily and Bear read by Ms Middleton-Lund 29/04/20

The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water read by Mrs Kirby 27/04/20

Pants read by Ms Logan 26/04/20

A Piece of Cake read by Mrs Marsh 24/04/20

The Very Lazy Ladybird read by Mrs Turton 22/04/20

Sir Scallywag and the Battle of Stinky Bottom read by Miss Jones 21/04/20

The Fox and the Star read by Mrs Downham 20/04/20

The Terrible Plop read by Miss Woodrruff 19/4/20

You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus read by Mrs sharkey 18/4/20

Aliens Love Underpants read by Mr Lenagh 17/4/20

Peace at Last read by Mrs Kirby 15/4/20

Oi Frog read by Mrs Jones 13/4/20

One Bear at Bedtime read by Mrs Timbers 11/4/20

The Girl who Loved Wellies read by Mrs Hutt 9/4/20

The Very Busy Spider read by Mrs Hawley 6/4/20