The School Day

The school day begins at 8.20 a.m.

Lunch time is from 12 noon until 1.00 p.m, with the children finishing playtime at 1.00 p.m., and the afternoon session ends at 3 p.m.

It is most helpful and we feel necessary that all children are happily settled into the classroom by the time the register is taken at 8.50 a.m. Children should go straight into their classroom at 8.20a.m..  Children cannot be left unattended in school before 8.20 a.m.

Children who arrive late may have some difficulties in settling in and miss vital teaching and learning time.  This has an impact on their progress. It is disruptive to the class teacher and other children.  Punctuality is also important in order to develop good habits in the future.

As well as the lunch-time break, there is a morning break of Fifteen minutes for all children.  The school is part of the Fruit and Vegetables for Schools Scheme, therefore children should not bring snacks to school.  Parents may bring plastic water bottles to encourage children to drink water during the day.  Parents are responsible for washing and refilling the bottle each day.

Please let the Headteacher/office staff know if you need to collect your child during the day for any reason.  No child will be allowed to leave the premises during the school day unless he/she is accompanied by an agreed adult.

If a different person is to collect your child please inform the school, particularly if the child does not know about a change in arrangements.  We prefer to know the name and some details of a new person in order to maintain efficient security at home time.

It is also very important that the children are collected promptly from school at

3.00 p.m.  Parents are expected to be in the school yard to pick up their children.

Children can often feel distressed if a parent/carer is not there to collect them on time.

The staff’s working day does not finish when the children go home.  There is always preparation and there are often in-service training commitments or staff meetings and curriculum discussions after 3.00 p.m.