The school's governing body has three main jobs:

  • to ensure that the school has a clear vision and strategy;
  • to hold the leadership to account for the performance of the school;
  • to oversee the school's financial performance and ensure its money is well spent.

The full governing body meets once a term. There are also two committees each of which meets twice a term. The Resources Committee looks at the finances, staffing and premises of the school. The Teaching, Learning Curriculum and Community Committee is responsible for overseeing the educational performance of the school and how it links to parents and the wider community in Broomhill and Sheffield. You can find on the website the membership of the governing body and of each of the committees.

Jane Barnes

Headteacher– until recently, I was Head of School at an infant school in Derbyshire which is a similar size to Broomhill. I actually live in Sheffield and have done so for 26 years. Prior to that, I lived in Winchester and am actually from Southampton, where I was born and brought up. I have two grown-up daughters; one of which is 24 years of age and works in the travel industry and the other is 28 years of age and is a manager of a large company. They both live with me as does our little dog called Teddy who is a Pug, Jack Russell cross and whom I enjoy walking. As well as this, I enjoy reading, baking, learning to play Boogie Woogie on the keyboard and singing (although, I’m not very good!).

Imran Ahmed

Chair of Governors - I have been a Governor at Broomhill Infant for several years. I currently have a child in Blue Base and my youngest will be joining Reception in September 2021 and as a parent I have a keen interest of being involved in the decision-making process of the education and environment setting that my child receives. Being a Governor allows me to be part of the process, but also gives me the opportunity to contribute back to the school and the wonderful and vibrant community ethos that we have. I have worked within the Public Sector for the last 18 years within the FM & Procurement/Supply Chain Management area, with over 16 years at Sheffield City Council and the last 2 years within the NHS. I am passionate about supporting local community facilities and sharing my skills, knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years in developing these for current and future generations. As well as a Governor at Broomhill Infant School, I am also on the board of trustees at Broomhall community centre. I have spent most of my life living in Sheffield around the S10 area and went to local schools, as well as Sheffield Hallam University. I enjoy spending time with the family, friends and being involved in local community events.

Fiona Kirby

Staff Governor - I joined Broomhill 12 years ago after my daughter started school. I am currently working in Green Base. Of all the many and varied jobs I do, I particularly like helping children build good early reading skills. I also love anything to do with art....getting different art materials out for the children and seeing some of the pieces they create is wonderful.... I studied German and Swedish at Newcastle University and after leaving went to work in Austria as a ski rep. I've also started learning Spanish which I'm really enjoying. Out of work I enjoy outdoor swimming and I recently joined Hathersage Pool. I can thoroughly recommend outdoor swimming , even in December!

Toby Wilson

Co-opted Governor - I started as a governor at Broomhill Infants when my older son was there. He's now at Tapton and my younger son has also been through Broomhill and is now at Nether Green Juniors. Despite them moving on to new schools we still have a close relationship with Broomhill Infants and my family regularly still attend fundraising events. We live very close to the school in Broomhill and make the most of the area, especially the Peak District, where the whole family regularly enjoys biking, climbing and walking. I work as a data protection officer supporting a number of schools and trusts with data protection and compliance.

Helen Whysall

Vice Chair of Governors - I became a Governor at Broomhill when Oscar, my youngest, came to school here, but they have all now moved on. I became a Governor because I love to get involved behind the scenes and support school as much as I can. My area of responsibility is Personnel, and I love the responsibility and challenge that gives to me. When I’m not at school I’m looking after my 3 children, walking my Labrador and generally getting people together by organising events; which is what I love doing most. This can be a summer fair, a coffee morning or a full blown Street Party. I’m a fluent French speaker and love my holidays in France going swimming, walking, canoeing and lots of eating. I’m obviously not very good at saying goodbye to somewhere my children have loved!

Esme Lawy

Parent Governor - Broomhill is a brilliant school and as a parent (my eldest is in yellow base and I have two younger children who will attend Broomhill in the future) I feel very invested in the school and I have great motivation to be involved as a governor. I believe strongly in the importance of children being outside and engaging with the natural world and I think the garden and the forest school programme at Broomhill are fantastic. I think it's so important to engage the children with the natural world to enhance their learning and wellbeing. I believe very strongly in the importance of inclusivity and I love how diverse and inclusive the school is. I am a doctor (a GP) and as such I have valuable skills and knowledge which I bring to the team of governors. In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors in the Peak District, running, cooking and gardening. I consider myself to be very friendly and approachable and I'm always happy to have a chat and help in any way I can.

Peter Merrett

Parent Governor - Broomhill Infant School is a fantastic school with wonderful staff and a strong sense community. As a parent, I feel extremely fortunate that our two sons, Albert & Thomas, have benefited from such a supportive learning environment, which has been so welcoming and inclusive for pupils and parents. I am keen to see the school continue to succeed and I would like to become more involved with the school community

Duncan Lennox

Community Governor - I have been involved with the school on and off for over 20 years My son was here 20 years ago and it was a good school then (some of the staff from then are still here in fact!) I helped to run Friends of Broomhill School and organised summer fairs and other events I worked as a legal aid lawyer in Rotherham for many years specialising first in criminal law then child care and Mental Health law. After finishing work in 2015 due to ill health I started doing school reading at Broomhill which brought the wonderful perk of going to the panto with the school. That sadly stopped due to Covid 19. I joined the governors in 2023 as a Community Governor. I attend St Marks Church where I am the Safeguarding Officer. I also volunteer for the CAB in Rotherham where I know more than is healthy about PIP. Our son had a great start at Broomhill so I am delighted to have a chance to support the school now.

Sally Penistone

Local Authority Governor - Up until this year I have worked in the education arena all of my career, and in school business support for over 20 years in both secondary, and more recently in primary as a School Business Manager for the last 8 years. I have experience in financial planning, human resources and premises issues and hope that I can use my knowledge and experience to support the school and governing body.

Charlotte SteenBrugge

Foundation Governor - I am the parent of two children, one who attended Broomhill in the recent past and one who currently attends the school. I work in Higher Education and am very interested in ensuring all children receive the best start to their educational journey. Broomhill Infant School is a fantastic school and I will try my best to work collaboratively with the school staff and fellow governors to support the school so it continues to flourish and grow.

Anne LeRoux

Parent Governor. I am a mother of four boys, of whom the eldest William is currently in blue base. Still in nursery but hopefully joining Broomhill soon, I have Etienne who is three, and my twins Max and Sam who are one. As a parent I have been delighted with the experience that William has had at Broomhill, and I want the same for my other children. I have a strong interest in the school's vision and values, and I would love to contribute to its success and development. I moved to the UK from France when I was 19 years old and I have 13 years of experience working in the state education system, where I worked as a teacher and a head of department. I have a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities that schools face in delivering high-quality education to all students whatever their ability and wherever they come from. I have a passion for languages and culture, which led me to start my own business teaching French in local primary schools and in the community, which has given me more flexibility to spend time with my children and become more involved with other projects - I have joined a local orchestra where I play the viola and I read with the children at Broomhill once a week. As a governor, I will bring my skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to support the school's leadership team, staff and parents, so that all children explore, happy memories. I am confident that I can make a positive difference to the school's governance and I am really excited to embrace this new opportunity to get involved in this wonderful community.

Amina Jama

Parent Governor - As a mum of a year 1 child, I have first-hand experience and a deep understanding of the challenges and joys that come with parenting young children. This unique perspective motivates me to become a parent governor, as I believe I can contribute significantly to the school community and advocate for the needs of both parents and children. As a well -travelled individual and a bilingual, I bring representation to this role. This will allow me to represent the voices and concerns of all parents regardless their background or cultures. Additionally, although I am not trained to a teacher level, I am a specialist scientist with good academics and therefore I am passionate about promoting good quality education. I want to ensure that the curriculum and teaching methods in our school are tailored to meet the needs of young learners, fostering their curiosity, creativity, and social-emotional growth. By being a parent governor, I can actively contribute to shaping the educational policies and practices that directly impact our children's early learning experiences. I want to create a supportive environment for parents, especially those with young children. I believe that by fostering a strong partnership between parents and the school, we can enhance the overall well-being and educational outcomes of our children.

Caroline Coates

Co-opted governor - I am an experienced teacher and school leader having worked in schools for over thirty years. I was previously a Local Authority consultant for English working across schools to support teaching and learning. As a headteacher, of nearly fifteen years, I led three different schools in South Yorkshire. I have a detailed knowledge of teaching and learning and enjoy working in schools where everyday is different. I have lived in Sheffield for over thirty years and hope that I can use my experience and knowledge to support the governing body at Broomhill Infants.