Dear Parents, Carers and Friends,

Autumn Term 2022

We begin the Autumn term with lots of exciting changes for our school. Firstly, Ms Barnes has settled in and is enjoying being our new head teacher. She is very excited to help us with our learning and drive the school forward whilst maintaining the very special ethos of the school.  Mrs Sharkey has moved into Red Base. Mrs Craven and Mrs Downham are job share in Yellow Base.

Our brand new heating system is ‘up and running’ and can now provide the school but both warm and cool air.

As a school, we will continue to focus on the ‘Steps to Success’ which are…….’Work Hard’, ‘Concentrate’, Try new Things’, Understand Others’, Push Ourselves to Improve’, Imagine’, Have fun’ and ‘Work Together’. We will be making one of these a focus each half term so that the children not only know them, but also learn how to apply them to their everyday lives.

There is a quote by Tim Tebow (an American football player), ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’ This means that it is possible to reach your goals and aspirations with hard work, even if you are not naturally talented in that area. Working hard and pushing ourselves to improve really does produce results!

Although I have only been with you a few months, I feel honoured to be a part of such a very special school community, where each family is valued and cherished. I welcome your ideas…..please let us know of any ways that we can improve.

FOBS – Friends of Broomhill School

We embrace our FOBS; you are so important to us! We aim to meet with our Friends of Broomhill School regularly to share ideas for fundraising which our children benefit enormously from.

Volunteer Support in School

As school begins to open up again following the catastrophic pandemic, we welcome volunteers who would be willing to listen to our children read. If you have some spare time and a current DBS, we would love to see you.

Children’s birthday celebrations in school

Historically, a decision was made to refrain from bringing cakes, sweets and treats into school. This decision wasn’t taken lightly but it is one that I would like to uphold because I am conscious of how much sugar our children consume and the detrimental effect that sugar can have on the body. So it is with the research and facts about sugar that we politely ask you not to bring them into school. I hope you can understand our position.

Kindest Regards,

Jane Barnes