Dear Parents, Carers and Friends,

Welcome to 2019/20

It has been an exciting returning to school to start a new term. It is a pleasure to see so many smiling faces and such a positive attitude to learning. The new Foundation children in Red and Yellow Base are making smooth transitions – well done everyone.

In our new classes and in assemblies we have talked about the year ahead and what we hope to achieve. Our new children are learning the Broomhill ‘Secrets of Success.’ They are… ‘Work Hard’, ‘Concentrate’, ‘Try New Things’, ’Understand Others’, ‘Push Ourselves to Improve’, ‘Imagine’, ‘Have Fun’ and ‘Work Together.’ As a school community we will all try hard to accomplish as many of the ‘secrets’ as we can. Many of our young children will not yet have heard about the philosopher Aristotle…  I read an article recently, Aristotle stated  ‘we are what we repeatedly do, excellence is not an act but a habit.’ If we model and teach our children to embrace the ‘Secrets of Success,’ aim high and always be the best version of themselves excellence will become their norm and solid learning will take place.

I feel privileged to be writing this letter as your Head teacher. I have been at Broomhill Infant School since January 2015 and I believe it is the most wonderful place. It has a skilled, hard working staff, fabulous children, lovely parents and a rich, diverse community. I cannot think of a school more wonderful. There is always room for improvement though. If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions please pop a note in the ‘suggestions box’ at the bottom of the stairs, call into see me or email school at the address on the letterhead.

FOBS – Friends of Broomhill School

We would love you to join us and share your ideas for fundraising. Our children benefit enormously from finance raised by FOBS.

Support in school

If you have a spare day, half day, an hour or 20 minutes to be a ‘mystery reader’ on a Thursday at 2.30pm please let your child’s class teacher know and then we can organise a timetable to ensure each class has some extra support. The precious time given by our families and friends an can make enormous differences to our children’s confidence and progress – everyone benefits!

Children’s birthday celebrations in school

As a school we have made a decision regarding birthday sweets, cake, presents and the like. It may seem a little mean but we are asking all parents and friends of school to refrain from bringing treats into school. We are all conscious of how much sugar our children consume and the detrimental effect sugar can have on the body. It is with the research and facts about sugar in mind that we say please don’t bring them into school. For each child’s birthday we will celebrate in assembly, sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and give out special birthday pencils. I hope you understand our position.

Kindest regards,

Catherine Timbers.