Baking Health and Safety

School advice to parents – We welcome any home baking contributions you may wish to bring to our school events and highlight below the key basic food safety principles for your information.

  • Always wash your hands, surfaces and utensils properly and keep them clean during preparation and cooking.
  • Cook food properly using manufacturers’ guidelines and or recipe information.
  • Always chill, store and transport food properly.
  • Avoid cross contamination of foods this prevents the spreading of food poisoning bacteria between foods.
  • We cannot accept donations of items containing meat or fresh cream as we cannot provide suitable storage at school. (Although if brought on the day we would not be responsible for storing).
  • Ensure any baking you bring to school is suitably packaged (e.g. in an airtight container, Wrapped in cling film etc.).
  • Label your baking with a brief description of what it is and the contents (e.g. banana, milk and gluten).  

For more information on the principles of food preparation, see the ‘Keeping Food Safe’ guidance on the Food Standards Agency website.