PE and sport at Broomhill Infant school.
The core of our PE and sport is built on our membership of the Arches School Sport Partnership. We are currently part of a two year bronze package programme.
This involves having a dedicated coach and added expert coaches working alongside staff in school every Wednesday. Each class has a one hour session with the coach.
Our coach also runs after school clubs and lunchtime activities and supervises Change4Life games and equipment on the playground through the Positive Playtime programme.

This year our focus is as follows:

Autumn1 - Cricket
Autumn 2 - Dance
Spring 1 - Gymnastics
Spring 2 - Football
Summer 1 - Hockey
Summer 2 - Athletics

After school clubs by half term:

  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading (lunch time)
  • Multi skills
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Athletics

Lunchtime activities:

  • Rugby
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Core strength sessions “wobble workshop” (also happens every morning break time.)
  • Our lunchtime supervisors support the children on the playground with competitive games and personal best times for the ‘Broomhill Mile’. All this activity is improving fitness and the certificates awarded are a motivating factor too!

The PE and sports year

  • All children wear a PE kit which puts them in the correct frame of mind for some enjoyable and challenging physical activity.
  • We link healthy eating and physical exercise throughout the curriculum and start the year with a sponsored skip in our healthy living week in October, raising money for the Children’s Hospital.. 
  • Inter class competition is ongoing.
  • Year 2 swimming will begin in the Spring 2018 term.
  • Our involvement in the annual Octagon Dance
  • Performance is eagerly anticipated and children audition for membership of the Broomhill Team!
  • Visits to the English Institute of Sport to participate in mini Olympic style activities.
  • Collaboration with King Edward lower and senior schools.
  • Their students provide FUNDAMENTALS activities and competitions for local infant schools. Our children enjoy being involved as part of “Team Broomhill”
  • Arches led competitions; especially the five a side football competition is a new venture for us and we hope to see great players of the future.
  • Our year culminates in a grand celebration of the year’s work at the Goodwin Sports ground for our Broomhill Sports Day. Mixed age groups form teams to participate in the competition. They are always well supported by parents and friends of the school.



In Summer 2018 we achieved the Sheffield Schools Gold Award for our attainment in P.E. and sport.