Art and Design


To develop a curriculum which:

  • Is exciting and stimulating
  • Teaches children to use a range of techniques and media
  • Allows each work to be appreciated by an audience.


  • Children are taught skills in a sequential and progressive order.
  • Art is taught explicitly every other half term.
  • There are opportunities for pupils to practise art skills in the continuous provision in each class, all the time.
  • We have an artist of the half term. There is a display in the hall and the Art Leader will talk to the children about the life and work of that artist in assembly
  • In class we regularly look at and discuss the work of famous artists.
  • We often create work based on the artists studied.
  • Teachers always use the correct vocabulary when talking about art.

Art competitions and exhibitions are held regularly.


  • Children will develop skills in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art techniques.
  • Children will be able to express their opinions on the work of famous artists and express preferences.

Children will have a love of art and feel confident to express themselves through creative processes.