To develop a curriculum which

  • Encourages children to speak clearly and listen actively.
  • Builds a love of English literature and language.
  • Provides sequence of the progression of Knowledge and skills to enable children to build on prior learning.
  • Encourages a rich vocabulary.

Allows children to be creative in their writing.


  • Drama is used regularly to develop speaking and listening skills.
  • Listening skills are highly valued and the children learn to listen to each other and respect the views of others.
  • The teaching sequence for writing is followed where children work through different stages to build up to a piece of writing.
  • The stages move from immersion to skills to writing and evaluation.
  • Children are encouraged to orally rehearse sentences before writing them.
  • Handwriting is taught regularly using the rhymes from the Little Wandle scheme.
  • High quality modelling takes place in all writing lessons.
  • Children use word/ GPC/ topic mats to scaffold their writing.
  • They refer to ‘Grow the Code’ posters when spelling new words.
  • Tricky words from the phonics plans are sent home to practise with parents.
  • Formative assessment is used constantly to address misconceptions and to challenge children appropriately.
  • Writing is marked against the WALT and WILF displayed at the top of a piece of work.
  • A smiley face is used for a strength and an arrow for next steps.

All efforts are praised and effort is rewarded.


  • Speaking and listening skills across school are excellent.
  • Children use phonics and key word knowledge to write words correctly.

All children develop a love of writing and use their skills for a range of purposes.